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How much it costs

Basic Footcare from £10

General Podiatry from £22

Elite Podiatry from £60

Basic Footcare
Basic Footcare £15
General Podiatry - Clinic
First Appointment Assessment and Treatment £30 (£27)
Return Appointment £25 (£22)
General Podiatry- House Visit
General Podiatry House Visit from £35
Elite Podiatry
Computerised 3D Gait Analysis Start from £500
Podopaediatrics Specialist Assessment £60
Biomechanical Assessment Specialist Assessment £60
Flexible Heel Cast/Slipper Cast for Pressure Sore £60
Functional Foot Orthoses (Insoles)
Palliative Insoles £20
Foot Orthoses £40-£90

We are happy to carry out a diabetic foot assessment as part of any treatment (excludes personal footcare - nail clipping only). The results of this assessment will be sent to your GP.

We accept cash or cheque.

Please contact us to find out more about our services and prices.

Our services

We offer a range of basic footcare services 

These services are competetively priced at £15 and include;

toenail and finger nail clipping

verruca treatment (Dermojet £45 per session)

blister treatment

kinesio tape

padding and strapping

Please note that we are happy…

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The General Podiatry services that we offer are;

  1. nail care
  2. surgical removal of ingrowing toenails
  3. corns, callous, hard skin
  4. dry, cracked heels
  5. biomechanics 
  6. Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
  7. Footwear advice
  8. diabetic foot care
  9. wound care
  10. flexible heel casts for …
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At StEPS Podiatry we offer a number of elite podiatry services. We offer the most cutting edge treatments, that are rarely available elsewhere. 

Dr Vicki Cameron leads StEPS Podiatry. With a PhD in gait analysis she is one of the few independent Podiatrists in Scotland trained…

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StEPS Podiatry for Care Homes

For more information please visit

These services also apply to those who require a house visit 



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What is a biomechanical assessment?

Biomechanics refers to the way that the body moves. Our feet are the platform for our whole. If there is something wrong with our feet, then this can have a knock on effect to the rest of our joints, such as our knees and hips. At StEPS Podi…

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